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December Flower

Born in the month of December

October Flower

Born in the month of October

September Flower

Born in the month of September

August Flower

Born in the month of August

The Clairs

Do you ever feel, hear or know something is going to happen before it does? When we first begin to experience such abilities we have no name for them. We call them gut instinct, intuition, just knowing and many more terms. There are a number of 'Clairs' and each has it's place in your spiritual tool kit. You may have one, two or more but will usually find one is more pronounced than the rest. The following will provide some information on the main 'Clairs'. In these terms 'Clair' means clear and is then followed by the ability.

May Flower

Born in the month of May Lavender Flower

April flower

Born in the month of April flower Poppy

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March flower

Born in the month of March flower Honeysuckle

November Flower

Born in the month of November

September Birth Flower

The Aster Keywords: Patience, Daintiness and Remembrance. This flower conveys deep emotional love and affection.

June Flower

Born in the month of June flower larkspur


Flower psychometry was once used as a tool to predict the future, rather like reading tealeaves or Tarot cards. Flowers have long been used to communicate messages, but there is also a history of folklore using flowers for inner communication and divination. This is known as ‘flowermancy’ or ‘flower psychometry’.

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