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Jayne and her Psychic Sisters as you can now have a reading with one of the Worlds most sought after Psychics, who are travelling from London to the US by demand, offering their years of experience, expertise and guidance with their own unique teaching styles and specialties.

Book a reading with Jayne Wallace is $250 per session

Book a Reading with a Psychic Sisters Team Member $120 per session.

Jayne Wallace will be available for appointments in Los Angeles from 20th February 2019

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Psychic Sisters, London

We have different readers at our London Branch, all have there own unique specialities.

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Psychic Sisters, Birmingham

Book a reading with one of our readers at our brand new store in Birmingham. Launches on 1st February

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Psychic Sisters, LA

Join the Psychic Sisters at the Los Angeles Conscious Life Expo.

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Psychic Sisters Newsletter

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