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Psychic Sisters offers an online scheduler, to do a quick and easy way to book your appointment. Readings are available via Face to Face, Skype or Telephone.

For all appointments, please be aware that all readings are to be paid in full at time of making your booking. Payable to Psychic Sisters either in store or on line.

A reading with Jayne Wallace costs £120 per half hour session. A reading with any other Team Member costs £70 per half hour session and £120 per one hour session. 

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If you would like to book an appointment over the phone, or in case of a cancellation.

Telephone: +44 (0)7757 643777 

Mobile+44 (0)20 7318 3263


Skype:  psychicsisterslondon

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*To find out who the Reader of the Day is on a chosen date, or to book a specific Reader other than Jayne Wallace, please contact us on the number above.

Psychic Sisters are based next to the Nespresso Boutique in cook shop on the Lower Ground Floor Within Selfridges London

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We have different readers, all have there own unique specialities.

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Cleansing Your Gems and Crystal Care

May 24, 2017

Cleansing Your Gems and Crystal Care It seems to me there is a great deal of confusion out there on ways to cleanse and care for our gems. Much of what I have come across combines five basic ideas into a general one, but each one has its own purpose. In the end though, again, it always comes down to what feels right.

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