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The Psychic Sisters are regularly featured in UK and international newspapers and magazines talking about their concession at the Selfridges department store in London and their worldwide reputation as spiritual development leaders, which has made them almost as famous as some of their celebrity clients. Jayne clients include Kim Kardashian. 

The Sisters have been photographed with many of their A-list film, TV and music industry clients who use the Sisters’ spiritual guidance to help steer both their careers and their personal lives.

The Sisters are also no strangers to the airwaves and have appeared on many TV and radio shows. 

More recently, Psychic Sisters founder Jayne Wallace has been working with Kim Kardashian. Where she filmed for the TV Show "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" at her hosts’ own home in Los Angles. Jayne has appeared on Larry King, Hollyscoop and Film On TV.

Psychic Sisters also specializes in Corporate and Media Events. Working with many brands including: Tracey Emin, Jimmy Choo, Bourque Makeup, Charlotte Tilbury Makeup USA & UK & Anne Lenox in conjunction with Oxfam.


Jayne Wallace on Larry King

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Film On - Live 15th October 2012

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"Jayne Wallace is the most exceptionally gifted clairvoyant I have ever met..."

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Love by Tess

Feb 12, 2017

We often put so much emphasis on love, particularly on the love we expect from others. More important though is to put all that energy into loving ourselves. When we do this, we begin to realise that it’s not the love from without that matters but the love that comes from within and radiates out. When your loving light shines brightly, so others are drawn to this beautiful radiance and cannot help but love you.

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