Angel Crystal Set
Angel Crystal Set

Angel Crystal Set

Price: £15.00

Angel Crystal Set has been individually blessed with Moon Magic and Reiki Energised. Select a stone in the morning and chant the Affirmation ten time out loud: "I am connected to my Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels".  Keep your chosen crystal close by and repeat when you need a boost.

Each set contains seven different hand chosen gemstones, that have been individually blessed by Psychic Sisters with Moon Magic & Reiki Energised. Crystals Set comes in a carbourd tube test tube.


Amethyst hexagonal point - Amethyst - Clear Quartz -  Clear Quartz - Fluorite - Rose Quartz - Selenite


Choose up to 3 crystals, focus on the affirmation, chant six time in your mind. Keep your crystals close to you throughout the day.