My Psychic Stories by Jayne Wallace.

My Psychic Stories by Jayne Wallace.

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"My Psychic Stories" reveals my most fascinating stories; a father wanting help to find his missing son who was snatched as a child; warnings to a man in danger of violent betrayal, and extraordinary messages from those in the afterlife to their loved ones. These true stories are shocking, touching and, above all, inspiring.  Testifying beyond all doubt that there is life, and hope, after death. 


Sue Ricketts, Editor of Take a Break's Fate & Fortune Magazine

'Jayne Wallace is the real deal. The accuracy of her psychic insight sends shivers down the spine. What marks Jayne out as special is her genuine commitment to her profession and the people who come to her.'

Chat It's Fate Magazine

'Inspiring, sometimes shocking, true tales by renowned medium, Jayne Wallace.'

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