Protection Roll On
Protection Roll On

Protection Roll On

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Psychic Sisters Roll On Aroma Oil combines gemstones and a little bit of magic to create these inspiring essential oil blends. Each scent is formulated to attract a specific energy that you desire in order to restore balance and live your life to the fullest potential. 


Banish negativity and regain peace of mind with this blend of Sage & Sandalwood Infused with Obsidian stones to enhance the psychic protection.  


Black Obsidian Helps to deflect negative energy, protecting against evil eye.


"I am Protected & Safe"

Organic Jojoba Seed Oil,  Pure Essential Oils, Crystal Gemstones.

To release the Aromatherapy Oils, Roll onto wrists & temples, breath in the invigoration fragrances. chant Affirmation six time in your mind. 

Hand-made by Psychic Sisters in UK

10ml e 0.34 fl oz
NB Do not use products if pregnant, breast feeding or if sensitive to any of the ingredients.