Quartz Triangle Chakra Pendulum and Bracelet

Quartz Triangle Chakra Pendulum and Bracelet

Price: £17.50

Product Information

The pendulum crystal sits in-between seven crystal beads representing each chakra that are:

Clear Quartz - Crown Chakra
Amethyst - The Third Eye
Sodalite - Throat
Green Quartz - Heart
Citrine - Solar plexus
Agate - Sacral
Hematite - Base

This pendulum that features a clever option of detaching the pendulum cystal and wearing the chakra crystals as a bracelet.

This pendulum is that it can also be worn as a bracelet. The pendulum crystal is detachable and then you have a delightful chakra bracelet. Crystal chakra beads in this pendulum/bracelet are a similar size to the beads in our power bracelets."

Each bracelet comes with an information card and a Psychic Sisters velvet drawstring pouch.

Size: 18x41 mm
Stone:Triangle: 25 x 30 mm
Chakra Beads: 6 mm
Chain Length: 7.5 in