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Psychic Caribbean Cruise 2017

Why not join Jayne Wallace, Jackie Cox, Geraldine Sullivan, Sue Phillips, Sheila Young, Georgi Simpson & Carole Holiday. On our Psychic Caribbean Cruise between 17th - 25th November 2017​ for an incredible 8 nights with Holland America Nieuw Amsterdam Cruises.

This cruise represents incredible value, will allow you to have a great holiday & enjoy psychic workshops, platform shows & meet like minded people in a Caribbean setting.

For our first Caribbean Psychic Cruise we have limited demand to only 30 cabins. If you've not cruised with Holland America before you will astounded at the quality and value of this amazing ship.

​We fly with Virgin airlines direct from Gatwick or Manchester and enjoy one night pre cruise in Fort Lauderdale (Miami) giving you time to adjust to the time difference and get used to the US lifestyle. We will also host a fun psychic show with a US Psychic whilst in Fort Lauderdale. For all over seas clients you can book the Cruise Shop Separately and join us in Fort Lauderdale.

For all overseas clients you can join in Fort Lauderdale. Please call or contact us for more details 

Check out how to book and  our full cruise and Psychic Itinerary.

Call on 0333 358 3103 or +44 7783 04031


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Come along and join us between 17th - 25th November 2017​ for a four incredible Psychic Caribbean Cruise.

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Cleansing Your Gems and Crystal Care

May 24, 2017

Cleansing Your Gems and Crystal Care It seems to me there is a great deal of confusion out there on ways to cleanse and care for our gems. Much of what I have come across combines five basic ideas into a general one, but each one has its own purpose. In the end though, again, it always comes down to what feels right.

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