Angel Tarot Course - Ace

Angel Tarot Course - Ace


Fourteen angels oversee each suit of the minor arcana – the 56 cards arranged into the four suits of Cups, Pentacles, Swords and Wands. The minor cards reveal day-to-day events, while the major arcana cards show significant turning points and decisions.

Each minor arcana suit is numbered Ace through Ten, and has a Page, Knight, Queen and King. The symbols and meanings of the suits are:

Suit: Life areas

Cups: Emotions, relationships

Pentacles Finances, home, security

Swords: Fear, decisions, conflict

Wands: Passion, travel, creativity

The Pages, Knights, Queens, and Kings are known as the Court Cards of the Tarot, and they often describe people in your life, or people you’re about to meet; they can also be read as a general influence. For example, Pages are seen as young people or young situations, while the Queen of Wands might be someone you know, or a message that her qualities of self-expression and creativity will be important factors now.


The Aces are the beginning and represent new and fresh starts for any ideas or challenges. With any Ace you will go into any project clear headed and knowing exactly what you want from it. Aces help you stay focused and clear headed so it is now time a time to take control of your own destiny and put all your new plans into action. If you stay in control then you will achieve all your inner goals and desires.

Ace of Cups

Keywords Abundance, pregnancy, emotions, beginnings


Love and creative ideas flow as you begin new projects or relationships. As you’re guided by your heart and your passions just now, you’ll be feeling strongly in touch with your intuitive side. This Ace can also reveal pregnancy and birth, and a happy feeling of togetherness with your partner and within yourself: you’re one in mind, body and spirit.  The only downside is that you may feel overwhelmed as you try to process all that emotion.

Power Message

Nurture your relationships and new projects; they bring you happiness and abundance.

Ace of Wands

Keywords Inspiration, beginnings, creativity, power


There’s a fiery excitement around as your ideas take shape, and you find that you’re able to communicate your brilliant plans to others. Specifically, you may see the start of a new job or other new venture, such as a business start-up or home-based creative project. This could be a breakthrough time for you, so make the most of your natural ambition, and enjoy the confidence your success brings. An additional meaning of this Wand is fertility.

Power Message

It is possible to create whatever you want. Be inspired, and begin.

Ace of Pentacles

Keywords Money, financial opportunity, prosperity, planning


There’s a surge of energy with this Ace as money and financial offers come your way. This may be a new career, job or client, or other opportunities that will bring future security, such as planned investments. The card often comes up in readings to show a successful job interview and job offer, and getting mortgage or rent approval for a new home. However the Ace occurs for you, you are blessed with money as reward for your effort.

Power Message

Make the most of this money or money-making opportunity, and use it wisely.

Ace of Swords

Keywords Decisions, breakthroughs, victory, clarity


The Ace of Swords is a card of certainty. If a situation has been stagnating, it reassures you that there will be a breakthrough – a swift, important decision gets made which benefits you, or you see the truth of a situation and know exactly what to do. Ultimately, this is a success card, and success comes from clever thinking; anything is possible when you put your mind to it. This Ace can also indicate a clean break with the past.

Power Message

Your ideas and intelligence bring you clarity and victory

Next week we will look at the Twos

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