Angel Tarot Course - Judgement & The World

Angel Tarot Course -  Judgement & The World

Judgement: Angel of the Past
Review, rebirth, awakening, blame, renewal, memories, decisions, second chances

The Angel of the Past shows we are about to judge ourselves. The creatures emerging from the water are our past selves, or particular people or situations, returning as memories. The Angel’s trumpet signifies a judgement call, a spiritual awakening; it’s time to wake up to who we truly are. Numbered XX, Judgement reduces to two, the number of partnership and decisions.

The Judgement card sees you looking back at the past before you finally move on. You may need to forgive yourself or someone else, or decide if a particular individual or situation deserves a second chance. The past may, in some way, come back so that you can resolve an issue that is affecting you now. The card is also a call to spiritual service and can be a sign that you are connecting with guides and angels to shed last upon a past situation or relationship.

Power Message Look back with kindness. Review the past, reflect on your actions, then make your decision: try once more, or let it go.

“I forgive myself for the past, and offer to my angels any past issue for healing.”

The World: Angel of Success
Success, completion, wholeness, journeys, goals, movement, beginnings, fulfilment

The World has at its centre a dancer, full of joy. She represents the coming together of the many aspects of the self, and of life: in mind, body and spirit, we are whole. As the dancer moves, so life moves on; the world turns. As XXI, the last card in the tarot’s major arcana sequence, The World forms the shape of the zero, the unnumbered Fool, and so marks the beginning of a new life phase.

The World brings you completion and success, and an acknowledgment of your relationships, knowledge and work achievements in the form of a gift or celebration: anniversary parties, ceremonies and other social events that make you feel valued. The card also shows you are attracting security and money while following your path, which brings a feeling of fulfilment. Within this happy card is the seed of a new idea, journey or spiritual path, and the opening up of infinite possibilities for the future.

Power Message Enjoy your achievements and look ahead to your next goals; it’s time for new and exciting beginnings.

“I am blessed with health, wealth and love.”

Thank you for taking part in my weekly Tarot Course, I hope you have enjoyed it.

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