Angel Tarot Course - Justice & The Hermit

Angel Tarot Course - Justice & The Hermit

Justice: Angel of Integrity
Justice, the law, balance, morals, truth, decisions, fairness, hypocrisy

The sword stands for punishment and the scales, compassion - judge must weigh up the circumstances to come to a fair decision. The feather is a symbol of the angelic protection and is also represents Ma’at, an ancient Egyptian concept encompassing truth, balance and justice. Ma’at was also a goddess who used a feather to weigh the souls of the departed in the afterlife. Justice’s number is VIII, for change - the result of a decision.

The Justice card can show a legal decision, or you get to see the truth of a matter another way. If you deserve justice, you will have it; if you don’t, you may be called to accounts for your actions. Equally, the card may show that someone close to you is guilty of hypocrisy or has tried to discredit or mislead you - and if so, Justice shows that they will be exposed. It’s also a card of balance, with you giving fair attention to your work/life balance and getting your house in order.

Power Message
Fairness and truth are important to you now. Seek the answers you need and accept the facts.

“I have integrity and hold myself and others to account. I make good judgements.”

IX The Hermit: Angel of Reflection
KEYWORDS Self-reflection, contemplation, meditation, study, spiritual path, withdrawal, solitary times, patience

The angelic Hermit is a seeker of spiritual enlightenment. To evolve and learn, he knows he must take an inward journey. He is guided by his inner light, symbolised by his lamp, which illuminates his path just enough for him to see his next step. The snake on his staff reminds him of the qualities he needs on his quest: wisdom, and ability to heal himself. The card is number IX, for intensity. The Hermit deeply contemplates the nature of the Universe and his place within it.

You may be drawn to meditation and other ways to explore your spiritual side just now. An alternative meaning is needing to be alone to study or write. In relationships, the card often shows being single after a partnership ends. Overall, you need to follow your own path, which may mean separating from friends or family for a time. A more literal meaning of the card is the need for peace and quiet; to have your own space to think.

Power Message Make the most of your situation, even if you think it wasn’t your choice. You will learn something valuable.

“I create the mental space I need to learn more about myself and my spiritual path.”

Thank you for taking part on my weekly Tarot Course, I hope you have enjoyed it. Now it is time to put all your together and star to do readings for your family or friends. See you next week.

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