The Knights represent someone who has now matured from the child-like state of initial personality development, and is now a more action-oriented person. Whatever ideas and concepts took root in the Page stage are now acted upon in the Knight stage.

Knight of Cups

Keywords Spirituality, idealism, sympathy, imagination

Meaning The Knight usually reveals an offer. This individual is an idealist who dreams first and thinks later. With this in mind, it may be best not to take him too seriously until he makes his intentions clear. In work and career matters, this card shows an opportunity for you that looks great on paper – but check the detail before you commit. Additional interpretations are marriage proposals, new ideas, and the chance to follow up a spiritual interest.

Power Message Test out relationship and work opportunities that come your way. Are they for real?

Knight of Wands

Keywords Action, passion, lust, adventure

Meaning The Knight of Wands brings a storm of communication your way – a raft of messages, emails and calls, all demanding your time and attention. Life speeds up, and there are opportunities for meetings, travel and lots of profitable networking; you may find you socialise more than ever just now, and you’ll enjoy meeting new people. In love and attraction, this Knight represents a new person coming into your life. You can’t ignore the sexual tension for long.

Power Message Don’t feel you have to please everyone - prioritise the best opportunities and enjoy the ride.

Knight of Pentacles

Keywords Trust, efficiency, stability, growth

Meaning This trustworthy, reliable Knight highlights security and in relationships, love and loyalty. Stability is important now, and you may need to look at your work and finances to find ways to make your money grow. Financial planning may not come naturally to you, but now is the time to pay attention to your money – you could be more prosperous in future than you think. Specific meanings include a trustworthy partner, tax returns, investments and saving for a future home.

Power Message Make decisions now based on whom and what you trust the most.

Knight of Swords

Keywords Drama, opposition, manipulation, stress

Meaning The Knight reveals a challenge coming your way. A person may oppose you at work, or you’re drawn into a battle of wills with a friend or family member; there may also be manipulation involved. In love partnerships, the card shows arguments and impatience. More generally, sometimes this Knight reveals ongoing, smaller disagreements and jibes that wear you down. However you experience this disruptive force, it’s a drama you could do without.

Power Message Although you may feel bitter, this conflict is soon over: there’s only so long the fight can last.

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