Angel Tarot Course - Nine

Angel Tarot Course - Nine

Nine represents Fruition, attainment, bringing things to a conclusion, completion, fulfilment, selflessness, magnetism, idealism and giver of wisdom or inspiration. Many 9s in a reading mean that situations or events are nearing completion or have just been completed and another plateau awaits.

Nine of Cups

Keywords Blessings, abundance, rewards, success

Meaning Your wishes come true when the Nine arrives in a reading. Feeling blessed, you’re content, successful and generous, sharing what you have with friends and family. If you have been trying to manifest a better life, this card reveals you get your heart’s desire. While you’re euphoric, however, be sensitive to those who may find it difficult to accept your good fortune, particularly if they’re struggling just now. Do count your blessings, enjoying this special time.

Power Message Make a wish and ask your angels to help you make it a reality.

Nine of Wands

Keywords Determination, frustration, strength, rigidity

Meaning This Nine is the card of hard work and determination. You’re in a strong position, but may be feeling the need to defend yourself, proving that you’ve every right to your status or. Hold your ground by all means, but try not to be inflexible in your thinking; staking your claim doesn’t mean you have to be immune to other ways of working or being. Holding on too tightly may just leave you feeling frustrated and under-appreciated.

Power Message Be proud of what you’ve achieved, but look ahead: where do you want to be next?

Nine of Pentacles

Keywords Comfort, gratitude, self-sufficiency, wealth

Meaning This Nine is the ‘congratulations’ card, because it reveals happiness, home comforts, and even a little luxury. You have, or will attain, the money and abundance you desire to create a near-perfect lifestyle. What’s more important, perhaps, is that you feel that the work you do is valid, and you can support yourself. In fact, you’re now in a position to share your good fortune. In readings, the card also comes up to show buying a significant item for your home or garden, or redecorating rooms.

Power Message It’s time for home indulgence: love the place you live in, and enjoy sharing it.

Nine of Swords

Keywords Stress, anxiety, nightmares, insomnia

Meaning What’s stressing you? This Nine shows the impact of stress build-up, as you’re unable to release worries as they arise. Consequently, the card traditionally reveals nightmares, insomnia or poor sleep, or simply an ongoing daytime anxiety as pressure gathers around a problem. An additional interpretation is over-thinking, or worrying as habit rather than in response to a particular issue at work, home, or a relationship.

Power Message The situation will soon improve - in the meantime, try not to let any negative thoughts take hold. Share your worries if you can, rather than deal with them alone.

Thank you for taking part on my weekly Tarot Course, I hope you have enjoyed it. Now it is time to put all your together and star to do readings for your family or friends. Next week we will look at the Ten.

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