Angel Tarot Course - Temperance & The Devil

Temperance: Angel of Peace
Balance, moderation, angels, guides, finding a connection, communication, harmony, divine intervention

The Angel of Peace holds two cups, and pours water between them. The water is a symbol of time and energy, which flows constantly. With careful attention, the water flows evenly. The Angel has one foot on the earth and one foot in water, showing the balance between practical matters (the earth) and emotional need (the water). The card is numbered XIV, which reduces to five, the number associated with mankind. The angel has been called down from heaven to help us.

You may be looking for peace in an increasingly hectic world. While practical tasks - working, organising, caring for others – take centre stage, you’re also drawn to explore your spiritual connection. The card is traditionally associated with angels, so at this time you may be acting as an angel for other people - and also see, feel or hear messages from your angels, which guide you through this intense time of giving. You can stay grounded, regardless of life’s demands.

Power Message Support is always available, particularly when you’re under pressure. Take this opportunity to listen to your guides and angels.

“I am ready to sense my angel’s loving guidance around me.”

The Devil: Angel of Freedom
Restriction, temptation, contracts and agreements, addictions, fear, unhealthy relationships, sexuality, affairs

The Devil enslaves two creatures, but their chains are loose; they can leave the darkness whenever they choose, but think they must stay just where they are. The blackness around them symbolises the shadow side of us all, the part of us that must have certain needs met, whatever the cost. The card is numbered XV, which reduces to six, the number of the Lover’s card: The Devil is the dark side of love.

The Devil card is an opportunity to be free of something that restricts you. This may be an overbearing boss, an affair that leads nowhere, an agreement with an ex-partner, materialism, or an addiction that keeps you locked in a cycle of guilt and frustration. When the Devil comes up in a reading, your Angel of Freedom is close by, helping you release old patterns and free up your energy.  When you step away, you will see just how powerless that old devil really is.

Power Message See the truth of where you stand. You have the power to change your situation at any time; you are not bound by others’ expectations.

“I choose to be free from whatever holds me back.”

Thank you for taking part on my weekly Tarot Course, I hope you have enjoyed it. Now it is time to put all your together and star to do readings for your family or friends. See you next week.

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