ANGEL TAROT COURSE - The High Priestess & The Empress

ANGEL TAROT COURSE - The High Priestess & The Empress

The High Priestess: Angel of Power
Intuition, wisdom, spirit guides, higher self, divination, self-trust, secrets, mentors

The High Priestess is the Power Angel, as she signifies the power of intuition, spiritual connection and finding our higher potential in life. Numbered II, she appears between two pillars, poised at the edge of this world and the celestial realms. As the wisdom-keeper of spiritual experience, she is shown with a sacred book and the symbol of the moon. The moon represents dreams, mysteries, and the secrets that lay beneath the surface.

You may feel called to spiritual service, and seek a mentor to guide you on the right path. Equally, you may become a mentor to others. The High Priestess rules the inner world, so you may also feel a need to withdraw just now; she also asks you to pay attention to the messages in your dreams. An additional meaning of the card is secrets, and the importance of discretion. Now is the time to contemplate rather than share.

Power Message Keep your own counsel, and nurture your inner life through meditation, journalling, and spiritual discovery.

“I value my intuition, and trust the messages I receive.”

The Empress: Angel of Abundance
KEYWORDS The mother, abundance, fertility, love, beauty, nurturing, capability, generosity

The Empress’s huge, all-encompassing wings are symbols of love, symbolised by pink. As the mother of the tarot, she nurtures others and, although she appears gentle, The Empress is a dynamic, creative force in the world. Thankful for her blessings, she happy to receive as well as to give. Numbered III, which stands for creation and children, she is the partner of card IV, The Emperor or father. The Venus symbol signifies feminine power, which also symbolises maternal protection.

The Empress is love in action. Love is shown to you, or you demonstrate to others how much you care for them. Family and romantic relationships flourish under her influence, and the card can also predict motherhood; overall, The Empress brings you closer to nature and fertility, literally or in terms of new ideas. You may be inspired to tend to creative projects, and there’s financial stability and growth too, as money flows and is managed well. The Empress can also represent a female partner in a reading.

Power Message Appreciate what you have, and keep nurturing what you want to see grow.

“I am abundant, and open to creative possibilities.”

Thank you for taking part on my weekly Tarot Course, I hope you have enjoyed it. Now it is time to put all your together and star to do readings for your family or friends. See you next week.

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