Angel Tarot Course - The Wheel of Fortune & Strength

Angel Tarot Course - The Wheel of Fortune & Strength

The Wheel of Fortune: Angel of Destiny
Fate, luck, opportunity, changes, movement, winning, opportunity, improvement

The Wheel symbolises the cycles of change in our fortunes, careers, relationships and home lives. The Angel at the top of the wheel reminds us that we are deeply connected to one another and to the spiritual realms. In this way, the Wheel symbolises divine intervention, and can be a sign of self-awakening – an understanding that there are greater forces at work in the world than we can control. The card is numbered X. Ten signifies completion of a cycle and the beginning of a new phase.

Be prepared for everything to shift, and expect positive changes; you may benefit from expected offers, work opportunities and chance meetings. Finances improve, and all other aspects of your life benefit from the Wheel’s turn – including relationships and ‘stuck’ projects, such as house moves. Your good fortune may come in unexpected ways, so be open to whatever comes; you may also receive messages from your angels at this time and feel more intuitive and spiritually connected than usual.

Power Message
Whatever issues have affected you, know that your situation is set to improve.

“I trust the Universe to position me wherever I need to be.”

Strength: Angel of Courage
Self-assurance, trust, patience, sex, desire, heroic acts, vitality, inner strength

The angel holds apart the jaws of a lion, so it cannot harm her. The creature represents desire or basic survival needs (food and sex, for example), while the angel is our higher self. This wise aspect, the part that has patience and self-discipline, knows what we want and when it is appropriate to have it. The infinity symbol tells us that this dance between our higher, conscious self and basic instinct is ongoing. The angel, while in a difficult position, is at peace with the predicament she’s in. The card’s number, XI, reduces to II. Two can be a harmonious partnership or power-struggle.

Strength means a show of strength. This may be a brave act, standing up for your values or protecting another person, or it may relate to an inner struggle; for example, you may need to forgive rather than give in to anger or resentment. Overall, the message is to be patience, to have compassion for others and to be kind to yourself. An additional interpretation is good health and physical strength.

Power Message
Hold your position and do what is right. Reflect and wait before taking action.

“I trust in myself to stand strong.”

Thank you for taking part on my weekly Tarot Course, I hope you have enjoyed it. Now it is time to put all your together and star to do readings for your family or friends. See you next week.

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