Strength card: Work is going very well. If the search for work is happening for you, you have the knowledge and the right skill-set to discover what you need. If you are already working, and upward mobility is available, do not hesitate negotiations for all your worth. You will come out surprised with the positive response to your efforts. If there happens to be no room at work for promotions or raises, start to think about looking for a place where those things exist. Otherwise, look over what is needed for your own business venture. There may be more options out there than you can currently see.


The Magician card: Now is the perfect time to study your chosen form of spiritual guidance. You have thought it over before but have not gained an opportunity for pursuance. You have the opportunity now. The benefits to you are great, especially through spiritual discussion groups. There may be some sort of spiritual teacher around you right now. This individual is an amazing mentor who will give you new openings in life.


The High Priestess card: August is a fantastic month for new relationships, it is time to believe and trust in others. Allow yourself time to go out and feel free after the long lockdown. Freedom and friendships are the key to happiness. 



Two of Cups card indicates that things are going well in a close relationship. The devotion that you have for someone is being returned in the same way - leaving you feeling loved, content and secure. This is the perfect time to take your relationship to the next level. For a woman, now is the moment to break from tradition and offer a proposal of marriage. You will receive the answer that you seek. For a man, it's time to get on one knee and do the honourable thing!


Six of Cups card: If you want to find new ways for investing, or if you want a little more money, look closely at the nostalgic or retro items, or things which kids like. Money might come from inheritance or from a person in your past. It doesn't indicate that someone will pass away soon, though.


The Magician card indicates that you're a person with a very creative side. People will always see you as an original individual, though, maybe a little unpredictable at times. Whatever you choose to do in life, you'll be able to do it with such ease, people will not only look up to you, they'll also be envious of you. Having the ability to complete challenges with no difficulty is a gift. Don't waste one moment of your life. You must allow your creative side to flourish as this will give your life perfect balance.



The Chariot card is a sign that you're an ambitious individual, though, goals will only be achieved when you show willpower. Chasing your dreams, no matter how bizarre, is the correct decision as this is the only way you'll take your life forward. Your skills will be tested to the absolute limit and you'll have to show real determination, otherwise your existence will continue to stagnate. Refusing to give up, showing focus and accepting that you have the same flaws as other people will allow you to complete any challenge that you set for yourself.


The Lovers card: When working with someone special, such as a leader or mentor, that you believe in will move you forward on your journey. Do not, however, follow blindly. Ask questions. Listen up when your heart speaks and pay attention to gut reactions; accept the offerings of others which will help you. Throw out all the rest. Perhaps a mentor is going to enter your life soon. Remember, the teacher will only arrive when his student is prepared.


Seven of Cups: You have a materialistic side and it's something that you should address, as you are definitely digging a hole for yourself, both spiritually and financially. The Seven of Cups is telling you to rein in your spending habits and start living in the real world. You may impress a few individuals with your superficial lifestyle, but will those people still be around when the bailiffs come calling? Understand, through exploring your spiritual side, that your lifestyle is masking emotional problems. Listen to this card if you want to find true happiness.



The Six of Cups represents happy memories. It symbolises a time when the past meets the present – and friendly ghosts from the past return. Childhood friends or long-lost family members could re-enter your life, and unexpected messages from ex-partners are likely too. Time spent with loved ones – reminiscing and sharing stories about the past – could also leave you feeling nostalgic, and dreams about people and places you once loved might trigger old memories too. It can also signify a reconciliation with an old love, and is a wonderful omen for those hoping to start a family.


Eight of Cups card: If you have a relationship right now, this card means that you need new focus on your future. Discuss your dreams and goals. Explore new hobbies. Do not get stuck where you are. Occasionally, this card means that a past lover will come back. Think over everything before rekindling anything. Ex partners are in the past for very good reasons.


Five of Cups card It is essential right now to consider forgiveness. You never give out forgiveness for the benefit of someone else, you do it for your own peace of mind. Holding in pain and anger will poison your spirit. Think about this: while you spend your time in anger, the person who caused you pain has moved on. Let it go and make your own good times.