Astro Tarot

Astro Tarot



The Devil – You are going to be presented with an opportunity to be free of restrictions. This may be an overbearing boss, an affair that leads nowhere, an agreement with an ex-partner,0 materialism,- or an addiction that keeps you locked in a cycle of guilt and frustration. Know that your Angels are close by and support you in what you do, they are also close to help you release old patterns and free up your energy for better things. Once you step away you will realise just how powerless that old devil really is.


Three of Cups - Opportunities are on the horizon, but you may be feeling stagnant, flat, or emotionally withdrawn just now.  It’s time to move ahead in work and relationships, but you’re waiting for something to happen – but boredom may be undermining your usual motivation. As you procrastinate or continue to feel disconnected, your energy levels may be low, too. This Four invites you to examine a flat situation rather than accept it - then you’ll get to see what needs to change, and make thing happen.


Six of wands – visual success is coming your way as you win and deserve the support, confidence and accolades that victory brings. Others are going to acknowledge you for all your achievements so hold your head high as you receive that validation you have been waiting for. If you have recently taken any type of examination or test, this signifies good marks and positive outcomes. If you are going through any legal disputes this card also signifies a just outcome. There is success in work, personal projects and charity events.



Knight of cups – An offer may present itself or you’ll find yourself in an act first think later situation as you take on a idealistic approach to your dreams and wants.  Before you act think about the outcome as well as the intention of your actions. Things may seem idealistic so look into the fine print. New ideas, marriage proposals and the chance to follow up on a spiritual investment are on the card’s this month.


Page of cups – There’s a lot of fun, playful, childlike energy as your emotional needs are met by a young person or a person with a playful heart. Look towards the lighter side of your situation and communicate your sensitive side to those around. You will also find the need to use your intuitive gifts and will be able to express them. Focus on your creativity , intuitive work and friendships – share ideas and dreams.


The Lovers - April may be a decision or choice for you right now at work. Review any information you can find, then choose the best path. Possibly, you might interpret something as bad but it winds up working for you. Be careful when mixing romance and career; if this happens, understand the stakes fully.



Queen of pentacles – Stay grounded and reconnect with nature, take time out for yourself. Go for a walk, tend or plan the garden and spend time with animals. Those around you are offering support – take it. Your financial situation is going to improve as you communicate and make plans to help better your situation with loved ones. Look into education yourself and mentoring.  


Five of Swords - This month shows you a lack of sensitivity, as you may not take into account others feelings. Be aware that there could be major battles ahead regarding your past. Try to walk away but if you can't  then try to stay calm as you may say things that you may regret. As nothing will be achieved by this. Spend some time with family or friends and explain to them what is going on. Meditating or relaxing would be a good idea.


Eight of pentacles – You are meeting goals through your ambition and paying extreme attention to detail. Take pride in the work you are doing to better your career/job or education. If you are at home, start a new creative project, business venture or home improvements as now is a great time to aim for perfection. If you have taken an exam or test expect good results. You are going to be financially rewarded for good efforts. Trust that you can achieve whatever you want.



The Magician – Your dreams and wishes are coming into reality. Take every opportunity to put theory into practice as now is the time for action. Technology will help put these plans into place from – texts, emails and online messages as communication brings you closer to your goal. You may also find you feel inspired by a charming individual weaving a little magic!


Six of Cups - Life is begging you to get back in touch with your inner self, as you need to start to heal the past and allowing yourself to become free of fear and sadness. Your love life has been so hard and you need to trust in the future. This is a good time to contemplate what you desire and trust in love again.


Queen of Swords – You may find you have a sharp and fast tongue this month or equally may idealise someone with this characteristic. Be reasonable in your approach to life’s situations and don’t ask to much of yourself or others. Call upon your inner strength and logic rather than emotion this month.