Astro Tarot

Astro Tarot

Earth Signs

 The magician asks you to be open to every opportunity this month has to offer. You have a spark which will allow you to succeed in whatever decision you make. You are ready for what life throws at you. 

 Strength comes from within; to be strong is to be resilient and calm. Allow your own experiences to define who you are and know you are loved and supported by those around you. Delve into what you are truly passionate about. 


 Justice comes to the honest and the true. Time will reveal secrets being kept, accept the facts you are faced with as these may be the answers you have been after for a while! 


 The Lovers card represents opening your heart to the new possibilities and opportunities life has to offer you: That choice isn't always about romantic love. Commit to the decisions you make this month and follow them through. 


 Temperance asks you to stop fighting fate. Once you let go you will find only peace and harmony. Do not be afraid to ask for help from others as this is a sign of strength, it's time to bring your life into order and balance.  

 Judgment means it's the time to act on those ever lingering decisions that need to be made. This could be the ending or beginning of a situation or the conversation that keeps being left unsaid. Clear the air this month: try once more or let go. 



  The Moon implies you may be being deceived by someone close to you or a situation isn't want you think it is. Your own illusions may be stopping you from achieving. Start to release yourself from fears and anxieties and step out of your comfort zone.   


 The hanged man shows balance within comfort and rationality. If we become too comfortable we get bored and this causes an imbalance. Look at your situation from a different angle to better your position. If you are bored you may be missing evidence around you. 

 Death will bring about change this month as opportunities may finish. Know this is not the ending but a new beginning! This ending of a complete cycle will bring about more opportunities for you to be successful within your career and your relationships. Take these lessons learnt. 



 The Hermit asks you to think, plan and priorities. What is in your best interest? What can you gain from these experiences to come? You may be hiding how you truly feel from friends and family - open up to them when you have the right work. Something valuable is yet to be discovered.


 Wheel of fortune offers good karmic balance this month. There is great change to be expected within relationships as adjustments are made. 


 The Fool's advice is to look for the new and fresh starts or look at situations with a new perspective. You do not need to know all of the details but enough to follow your intuition and allow it to guide you. Believe in what you can bring to yourself and have faith in new beginnings.