Hi everyone

When I think of August I always smile because it’s the month my son was born and my life changed forever. I suddenly became an adult. I think I had always been old for my years. New people I met as a child would always proclaim ‘Oh my goodness. There’s an old soul!’ Strange but even at 4 or 5 years old, I knew what they meant.

I’ve been an empath from as young as I can remember. I would pick up on everyone else’s mood. If I saw someone upset, I’d feel desperately sad. Someone laughing, and I’d giggle with glee, sharing in their enthusiasm for life in that moment.

I worried about my mum being tired or lonely. I knew about my responsibility from a young age. The defining moment that my son was born it all hit me like a bolt. So, August is a special month for me. When I think of it now I conjure holidays as a child going away to Cornwall or Great Yarmouth. We stayed in caravans from between my age of 4 to 10. Those 6 years were mostly happy and carefree. I would save pocket money so that I could buy a crystal or a bear. I loved both and would never waste money on trivial holiday bits and bobs, maybe the odd keyring. However, every year I either come home with a stuffed bear or a new crystal. All the beach side shops sold them back then and Rose Quartz was my first favourite.

Now I think of Mediterranean bliss - sun drenched beaches and floating in the sea. Perhaps demolishing a couple of new novels saved for the occasion. Yes. It’s hard to think of this month and not think of: sunshine, children’s happy smiling faces, ice creams with chocolate flakes and sitting in a soft towel on a deck chair letting the warm sun dry you. Also thinking about what outfit would show off your next new layer of tan. The best holidays. If only we could capture those carefree, sun warmed skin moments and put them in a jar for a bleak rainy morning. Then when we don’t want to get out of bed we can have a sneak peak at those happy August memories and warm our souls. If any of you know how you can best recreate a happy sun-drenched moment that way please send answers on a post card to. Only joking but maybe there’s a lesson there for us all. How many times do we hear ourselves say “Oh go on. You are on holiday. Let your hair down“? Life stresses us all out but imagine having all those happy childhood, sandy moments with some sunshine filled August air all in a little bottle to remind us all sometimes we just need to let go. Dive in. Just imagine it’s the holiday month and take life by storm.

Bye for now


Sheila x