Cleansing your chakras

Cleansing your chakras

Cleansing your chakras is an ideal way to un-stick your blocked #energy and to get it freely flowing. It’s ideal because you can do it yourself, it’s beneficial for your overall system regardless of disease, and it’s incredibly powerful and effective as well.

Before we go on, I need to bust a chakra myth:  no one has 100% clear open chakras 100% of the time.  Our aim is not an unrealistic perfection.  Our chakras open and close constantly, largely in response to external stimulus. It’s natural and therefore important not to become fixated on whether or not one or more chakras are closed.

The problem comes when we let our environment, thought and emotion patterns, habits, and beliefs muddy our energy system.  Holding on to negative feelings, regularly eating bad foods, and constantly judging others are just a few of the ways that our chakra system gets clogged.  Chronic clogging then leads to disease.

You can see why cleansing your chakras is an important self-healing practice. 

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