5 tips for a more restful sleep, according to Kim Kardashian’s psychic

1) Relaxing facial ritual
“Introduce a relaxing facial ritual into your evening skincare regime – I use the Aventurine Facial Wand. Aventurine is known for its ability to help balance, soothe, calm and relax. I use mine every night with my regular facial oil or moisturiser.”

2) Positive affirmations
“Try to draft some positive and calming affirmations and repeat these a few times each night. Phrases such as “I’m relaxed and calm” “I feel happy and complete” “I am de-stressed and relaxed” or “My mind is calm and de-cluttered.”

3) Breathing techniques
“People underestimate the power of calming breathing techniques. I would always suggest selecting a calming crystal such as Aventurine or Amethyst, hold it to your chest and do a series of deep breaths, counting in for three, hold for four and then out for five - whilst you’re in breathe focus on positive energy and when you breathe out get rid of any negative thoughts from the day.”

4) Candles & Crystals
“I’d suggest lighting a candle, such as the This Works Candle, as it has infusions of chamomile, which helps to relax the mind, body and soul. Alongside this, the Sleep Well Crystals Set has all the crystals you need for a good night’s sleep, helping to bring wellness and peace into your evening.”

5) Communication
“Before you go to sleep, clear your mind of all negative thoughts by writing them all down in some kind of journal. This helps relieve your mind of things that may be worrying you, helping to give you a restful sleep.”

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