Colours convey energy and emotion and each one you choose to wear sends a message about YOU out to the world. In choosing a colour, think about whether you already embody the qualities of the colour and want to express and accentuate it or if you want to kick-start that energy within you and then begin to communicate that outwardly. Everyone is colour responsive subliminally – so develop some colour- savvy and choose gleefully!

Orange  Hot, spicy and socially confident is the energy of mandarin orange. The mood is lively, interesting and curious.  Good to wear for a social occasion or for a meeting where you want to induce conversation.

Bright pink conveys the message grown-up and feminine with a fun and vibrant twist about it.  You can take a stand and understand!

Beige shades   Understated, subtle, watchful, listening and receptive; beige does not want to express and opinion but watch from the sidelines.  This is good if you wish to be unthreatening and an observer.

Pinky-nude/Rose   This very feminine and girlish colour-way conveys a quality of youthful innocence and shyness with a hint of subtle flirtation, perfect for a youthful natural look.

Apricot/Peach expresses a warmer, slightly more assertive personality.  There is still a fresh, feminine and youthful glow that will be suggestive of outdoors type.

Soft lilac. Muted shades relate to understatement. Lilac is not a colour that conveys natural health, but suggests a more quirky and mysterious energy.  These pastel shades in lilac, light green, light blue etc. will communicate, “I am different and deep, so take note”.

Orchid colour Pink-berry through to Plum - Bold, intelligent, vibrant, different, sultry, feminine and slightly dangerous this colour-way makes for great night wear! If you want to make a statement make sure to be prepared to have the big personality to bring it off.

Blue - This shouts notice me, I am a peacock! This blue expresses space age, outside-the-box, dramatic…think electric shock.  Make it an accent , don’t overdo it and team it up with silver.

Golden - Goddess energy, strong, special and glamorous; cool gold enhances the sense of celebration and mystery  you want to express on a big occasion where you want to be in subtle, understated control of a situation.