Colour Meanings

Colour Meanings

Colours typically manifest themselves in one of many colours of the rainbow. Depending on the colours that dominate, they can show important things about the people they surround and their frame of mind. Learning the meanings behind the different colours can give insight into personality traits.

Blue is all about communication, confidence and vocal strength. It is also about calm and relaxation during times of stress. Blue show an eased nervous system, a sustaining life, a balanced existence, and a transmitting of energy and forces.

Turquoise auras signify a highly energised personality who is capable of influencing other people and possesses a dynamic quality of being. Turquoise is about being organised and getting your mind clear for what you desire. It can also show stagnation or feeling bored when forced to concentrate on only one thing.

Green indicates restful energy and a natural ability to heal. People like this are also often great gardeners. When someone chooses a strong green, it's an experience filled with peace. Since the green is the colour of nature, it's very comfortable.

Purple emphasises spiritual thoughts. It appears as a temporary flame or cloud. It is the most sensitive and wise of the colours and shows psychic abilities.

Red hints at materialistic thoughts as well as thoughts about the physical body. Relating to the physical body, heart, or circulation, red is a dense colour, full of friction. But it can also indicate passion and energy, which is why, depending on the context, this friction can either attract or repel.

Pink is a mix of red, the lowest frequency, and purple, the highest frequency. It is quite rare, appearing only as a temporary thought. Pink shows a person who has managed a perfect balance between material existence and spiritual awareness.

Yellow is the colour of awakening, inspiration, and intelligence, yellow auras show joy and freedom. People with this aura have inner joy and generosity. A yellow halo is a sign of high spiritual development and is something you should seek in a person giving spiritual teachings.

Dirty colours, such as brown, grey, and rust are indications of negativity. They appear darker than the background as a glow or smoke. These colours can hint at things such as anger, sadness, dark thoughts, and depression.

White is a colour of purity and honesty. Giving others friendship and strength. It is also a colour of choice and decision making. 


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