Connecting to your Christmas Angels

Connecting to your Christmas Angels

I personally love the connection that I have with my Angels at Christmas. I feel that my Mum, Dad and brother Terry are my Angels and they are around me most days. But I personally feel their strength at this very important time of year. Especially now as this is a time where we all need that connection even more. Here are some easy ways to connect to yours. 

Ask your Angels for help!

Want help? Want to connect with your angels? The first place to start is to simply ask your angels for their help! There is no specific formula you must follow to connect with angels other than your intention and desire. The more you think, call upon, and learn about angels the more they will begin to make themselves known to you as you open up to their guidance and assistance.

Listen and pay attention.

When you ask for angelic guidance… Take the time to consciously quiet your thoughts and pay attention. Angels always respond, every time you call upon them, but their guidance is sometimes subtle so you have to listen, allow and pay attention to the guidance that appears when you do ask.

Trust in your ability to receive angelic guidance and connect with angels. Know that when you ask your angels will help you to make the connection… And when you do receive angelic guidance be sure you listen, act, and take action upon the guidance you receive.

If you've asked for help in a specific area of your life, be open to how their help manifests, and allow it into your life. When you do receive that intuitive idea, hunch, or opportunity that feels good, take action and know your angels will be with you every step of the way!


If your intention is good and your heart open, you will connect to your Angels effortlessly. You need to TRUST… trust that you will receive the information you need or what they need to communicate to you, and trust that you know what it means. Trust that you have Angels and Guides all around you at all times wanting to love, guide and protect you. Trust that you are safe with them.

Once you’ve established a connection with them (see the meditation below), you’ll notice their signs and guidance more regularly. Personally, I see feathers, butterflies, and other signs on a daily basis, I see orbs of light when the Angels are trying to get a message to me, and I feel goosebumps and shivers when they are telling me I’m on the right track.

Often I hear their names when I need to know who is with me and why. Sometimes it’s spontaneous and in a dream or meditation (in the past I’ve had to look them up because I have no idea who I just met!), other times I’ll keep meeting people with the same – or similar – name to an Angel and it’s a sign I need to meditate and spend time with them, or journal if they need me to know something. It’s all very intuitive, but it has happened so slowly for me.

Don’t worry if you don’t know who is trying to speak to you, they’re all available. Simply connect to the one who most appeals, and go from there.


Sit somewhere comfortable with your feet flat on the floor. Slow down your breathing. Breathe in, filling your belly and expanding your ribcage. Gently breathe out. Feel your connection to the core of Mother Earth through your feet. Open the top of your energy field above your head to establish a connection. Keep breathing slowly.

Now ask to connect to your Angels, Spirit Guide or Spiritual Loved one to come close to you – you can choose a particular Angel, or Spirit guide or let them choose you. Soon you’ll feel their powerfully loving presence. Notice how you feel when they’re close. See if you can sense their colour. Ask them for their name and a sign or a message. Trust what you feel, hear and/or see. The first words that come to you is your message; the first thing you see is your sign. 

Take your time with them until you feel your connection is complete – this may take a few minutes or half an hour. When you are ready, thank them. Close your energy field by imagining a bubble around you. Feel back into your body and open your eyes.

When you are finished with your meditation, you may want to take notes or get creative and draw or paint. Or you might just want to savour the feeling.