Coping with Change

Coping with Change

If you are struggling to cope with your physical enviroment, a good place to start would be time management, wake up early, stop snoozing they alarm and be more prepatered for the day. Create a to do list the night before that way you can rest easy, as you already have your day planned out of tasks to be completed and this way you won't forget anything you wanted to do. Set yourself small achievable goals, Rome wasn't built in a day ladies and gents!. Don't be afraid to ask others around you for help or support, they can see how things are effecting you. 

Most importantly establish healthy boundaries. Make sure when you get home from work or if you've had a full on day, over night you give yourselves a miniumum of an hour to switch off from work mode or parent mode and take time out for yourself. Do something you love, paint a picture, bake a cake, have a bath or read your favorite book! Put the phone down and leave social media for a while, lets be honest its not going anywhere... Getting completely indudged in something that you love will allow your brain to release dopamine and open you to enjoy the present once again. If you are struggling to sleep, sleepy time yoga will also encourage deep sleep. 

Meditation and a pep talk will give you the abilty to think calmly, rationally and allow your brain the ability to adapt to what ever challeneges are ahead for the day as well as boost your confidence and elighten your mood. Exercising regularly and eating healthy foods enriched with vitimins and minerals will give you more energy allowing you to take on the changes of your envioment and genurally make you feel on top of this world. Positive change can even cause stress so feel free to vent but to a point. 

When it gets too much - Box breath (as explained in Shila's Corner), identify the issue and when you are feeling clear headed think of the best solution for the situation. Always remember to way up the positives and the negatives of your situation before making ANY decision that way no decision is the wrong decision. Not having control of your emotions can lead to foggy thinking which could lead to regret, but remeber it felt right in the moment. 

Remeber: Change is inevitable, for example think of where you've grown up as a child and how much that has change in your lifetime. To be kind to yourself and others beacuse you and everyone else are able and capable of anything and everything.