Cord Cutting

Cord Cutting
There are times when life or the people around us can be challenging. That is life. We can only try to minimise the impact people and life have on us. We want to be happy as much as we can. Some of the people around us can impact on our energy. They can empower or drain it. Those who drain it are the ones we want to do something about.
People who come into our lives can possibly be because we have a lesson to learn from them - their behaviour, their attitude. Sometimes they can act as a mirror towards us. However, it is possible that we may be in their lives because they have something to learn from us. The technique we show below can only be used in the manner in which it is worded. You should not use this on a specific person or people. Only use this on a specific person if they are someone you truly need out of your life because they are violent, emotionally or psychologically abusive towards you or towards someone you know. This technique is very powerful and quite final.
Sit or lay comfortably
Breathe in slowly and deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth
Do this for a good few minutes
When you feel relaxed call on Archangel Michael
Ask him to surround and protect you
When you feel a presence around you he is with you
Then ask him to cut cords with anyone is not for your higher purpose
Ask him to take them off your path
When you ask him to cut cords imagine a gigantic sword (taller than you) slowly circling you cutting any unnecessary cords
When you are happy bring your awareness back into your body
Keep your eyes shut
Slowly wiggle your fingers and toes
When you are fully back in your body open your eyes
Stay seated or laying until you are fully back
Slowly get up
Do this for one night, several nights running for as long as you like. Watch what happens then.

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