The Modraniht, or “Mothers Night,” was a pagan festival celebrating the triad of mother goddesses known as the Matres. Their energy will enable you to get in touch with your imagination and put your creative “hat” on in any situation. This flowing magic will also mean you can persuade anyone to your ideas, thoughts, or plans for the future, and it is also a great spell if you are suffering from a temporary bout of writer’s block.

What You Will Need

3 white candles
A piece of paper and a pen
1 green leaf (or an image)
1 yellow flower (or an image)
1 blue flower (or an image)
A bowl of spring water

Place the candles in a triangle on your altar or table, light them, and sit quietly for a few moments to calm your mind. Write down on the paper anything that bothers you, such as lack of creative thoughts, negative influences, and so on. Leave the paper beside the candles. Take up the green leaf and the yellow and blue flowers (or their images) in a bunch and hold them close to your “third eye” chakra— against the middle of your brow above your eyes—as you say the following:

“Blessed Matres, bring me magic charm
To move others without doing harm
Whereby the green, the yellow, and blue
Take not daggers, but speak only truth
So night and day, the stars and moon
Culminate in all that’s done
And with this spell, so mote it be.”

Place the flowers and leaf in the bowl of water and say,

“Thank you, Matres, for your help.
Please send all creative thoughts my way.”

Pass your hands, with your palms down, in a clockwise circle over the bowl and repeat the above thanks twice more as you do so. Within a few days, your creative flow will be empowered for the coming new year and your future plans.