Crystal of the week Amethyst

Crystal of the week  Amethyst

Crystal of the week Amethyst

Taking its name from the Greek word 'amethystos', meaning 'not intoxicated', this beautiful crystal has enchanted people with its magical properties from as far back as 3,000BC. 

Thought to protect its wearer from toxic indulgences of all kinds - from over-drinking and eating, to harmful thinking patterns and destructive relationships - it was even thought to protect its wearer from getting drunk, and was often placed in wine glasses by the ancient Greeks to prevent drunkenness!

Powerfully protective - and synonymous with love, healing and inner peace - it's believed to calm and quieten the mind, and is a wonderful crystal to work with when you're feeling worn down, tired or extremely anxious. 

Believed to protect its wearer from toxic habits and destructive behaviour, it's an absolute must for anyone hoping to lose weight this month, and will prevent you from overindulging in all those hot cross buns and chocolate this Easter!  

This beautiful crystal is also an absolute gem (pun intended!) when it comes to toxic relationships, friendships and lifestyle choices, and will give you the strength, confidence and courage to wave goodbye to any people or situations that are sabotaging your peace of mind and happiness.

Prized for its magically calming - and gently reassuring - properties, it's a brilliant crystal to turn to during sleepless nights and stressful periods, and is believed to lull you to sleep - like a beautiful lullaby - and protect you from nightmares. Simply place one under your pillow - or hold one over the pulse on your wrist - to help you drift off.

This beautiful crystal is also thought to heal, deepen and protect relationships between family members, lovers and friends, and will watch over you and your loved ones, and protect you from harm.

Top tips:

• Resist any mid-morning or late night chocolate cravings this month by keeping an amethyst crystal in your kitchen - or placing one by your secret snack drawer at work. The crystal's thought to prevent you from overindulging in naughty snacks, and will help you say no -and stick to it - the next time a tasty looking hot cross bun comes along!

• Avoid any late-night messages or drunken calls to your toxic ex this month by wearing an amethyst bracelet the next time you're out on the town. The gem will prevent you from indulging in any toxic behaviour you'll later regret, and will help you leave the past - and your toxic ex - behind you.

• Place an amethyst crystal under your pillow - or hold one over your forehead for a few minutes before bed - to calm and quieten your mind, and help you fall asleep.

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