Daily Rituals

Daily Rituals
Bubble of Protection
We can use various techniques to protect ourselves from negative energy or the word around us. Here is a simple technique that can be carried out quickly and whenever you wish. You can use the technique of people or inanimate objects and use as many as you wish at any one time.
Visualise who or what you want to protect. Husband, wife, father, son, daughter, friend, car, house, etc. Visualise a bubble slowly growing until it completely surrounds the person or item. The bubble must be large enough to completely encompass them or it. The colour of the bubble can be white, pink, blue (for healing) or whatever colour you wish. The bubble is a solid bubble. Imagine the bubble is there to protect them, bring them positivity, to expel negativity and to enhance their life. You can visualise this around them or it every day, when you feel like it. You can picture as many bubbles as you want around as many people or items as you wish.
You are helping or protecting. Let it become a regular habit.
You can call on Archangels to protect you also. 
You can just ask for their help. You can do so out loud or you can close your eyes and do so in your head. You can ask them for help. For protection. For guidance. The only limit is your imagination of what you want.
You can also close your eyes.
Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose.
Breathe out slowly and deeply through your mouth.
Then call on an Archangel. Pick one or ask which Archangel wishes to assist.
Feel their presence.
Feel their arms or wings encircle you.
As them for protection, help, guidance, whatever you choose.
Enjoy their energy.
When you are ready slowly wiggle your fingers and toes.
Bring your awareness  back into your body.
Go about your day knowing you have divine help.

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