King of Swords - You may get yourself into an argument with a strong willed man, who is very stubborn and has a selfish streak. Do not rise to his anger, walk away and you will be fine. Setting boundaries will be a good thing for you to move on. Life is on the way up and good news is on its way.

Eight of Cups - Your current job may no longer be appropriate for you. You may be feeling bored, or under-appreciated. Think long and hard about what is best; trying to fix things where you are or moving on. Either option can work for you. If you're dissatisfied, get specific on what changes would need to happen for you to be happier where you are. If it's unlikely or impossible to change those things, then move on by finding yourself a new position.

Page of Cups - It is time for you to feel more playful and childlike this month, as the past months have been too serious. Listen to your dreams as they will start to come true, as you will get more and you will get a sense of deja vu. You will need to also lighten up on yourself, as you've been taking yourself far too seriously.

The Hierophant - This card will make you doing the right thing, as a good friend needs a lot more attention than usual. They may be struggling with an issue and are unsure about what is the correct thing to do. You will find yourself feeling very wise and in touch with your inner voice.

The Hermit - You may feel that are going through a lot of stress, worry and fear at present, due to problems in your personal life. Try not to withdraw from everyone as you have some very good friend around you. That can help you through all your problems, and their insight may allow you to be more open to change.

Three of Cups - This is a very positive month for new friendships and relationships as life is treating you well. You have cleared past blockades and are now more focused than ever. Think about taking more time for your personal life and although you will be focusing on your career get a great night out as well.

The Lovers - Your romantic relationships may feel a little stale this month. Try to bring some spice back in by doing something special. If you are single then it time to get out and have some fun, as you have spent to much time on your own. Love is in the air.  

Six of Pentacles - You have had a hard time as of late and it is time to not reflect on past problems. Focus on the month ahead as money will start to flow more freely. Time to look for new challenges in your career. This is a time to become more creative.

Queen of Cups - Get more in touch with your feminine side this month. Look within and connect with your psychic side. Meditation or Yoga may be worth persuing. You may feel that you may need to make an effort with a certain loved one.  

Six of Wands - This is a good month for you moving forward with any work or creative project as it is time to prove to yourself that you can succeed. The six of wands also help you to become more balanced in you emotional life. A lucky month ahead.

Ace of Pentacles - Money is likely to be much better than usual. Still, hold on to some for unexpected expenses. If you've been waiting on a decision to be made by others it means you won't have to wait much longer and that the decision is very likely to be in your favour.

The Sun - This is a time for you to be more committed to your relationships, making way for a more solid future. there maybe talk of babies around you. Someone may have some special news. If you're looking for love - it definitely could be on the horizon for you. So keep your eyes open as this is a month of happiness.

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