Full Moon in Cancer by Kate May

Full Moon in Cancer by Kate May

Moon in Cancer – Expect emotions to come to the surface! 

This Full Moon brings with it high emotions as every full moon does, but more so as it connects with the watery emotional Sign of Cancer. 

Capricorns and Cancerians  will feel this easy this month, other signs may struggle. 

With the Sun in Capricorn and the Moon in Cancer, we may feel a conflicting force that sees us wanting to be at home with the family or helping others, maternal feelings may be increased(moon in cancer) and the need to be successful and determined at work (sun in Capricorn) 

With the earth and water mix – this could be a muddy month! But you don’t have to be stuck! 

It’s a dreamy energy thanks to Venus trine Neptune and one that promises to pave the way for much-needed forgiveness, compromise and compassion

Naturally reflective his time of year, with this Full moon, its especially connected on family memories and nostalgia. 

The energy, although festive, is quite dependable and clingy, perhaps needy. Try and find that balance of home and work time. If you have been approaching things from a sideways approach, you may now be able to move head on.

You may feel extra clingy and not in the mood for fun? A little more mood and sensitive than usual? 

Find ways to let go of what you cannot be in complete control of. Think of happy past events and reflect on how far you have come this year.

If you have any particular questions surrounding this full moon’s energy, things may get a bit heated. Its important to be sensitive to other people this month so tread carefully for your goals. Challenging family times maybe now coming to an end, and home environments challenges also clear for movement and release. With the moon in its comfortable home of Cancer, trust that all is as it should be, nature is at work.

Light a candle, bring something connected to the watery and earthly elements to your alter, add a photo of your family, a chrimbo card from a past love done, or whatever else you would like to honour and release, I like to say a prayer and some private words, before finishing. 

Mystic Blessing 

Kate May