Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual

Full Moon Ritual

The phases of the moon have been instrumental in many cultures for hundreds of years. They were used to decide on when crops were planted and had a huge significance of so many aspects of their culture. We can utilise the power of lunar energy even in these modern times. It is an incredibly powerful, intense energy that can affect people’s spiritual energy, physical energy but can also be harnessed to have a positive impact.

The full moon is a time for release of that which does not serve us. A time to say goodbye to old habits, issues that are troubling us or situations that make us feel uncomfortable. This is a time to let go and the power of the lunar energy can be very cleansing if we tap into it.

There are several rituals you can do. Below is just one. Explore and find more if you like. You can create your own once you are more comfortable with the process. As with most things it is your intention that is the driving force. Set your intention for this to cleanse you or release whatever is troubling you.

Create a Space

Before beginning any ritual or event like this you must clear your space. Switch off anything electronic that can affect the energy – televisions, radios, mobile phones, etc. Use sage to clear the energy of the room.

Clear Your Energy

Before beginning any ritual or event like this you must clear your energy. If you have an existing technique you use, then please use that. If not, then you can use the sage around yourself to clear your energy. You can also close your eyes, imagine raindrops or a waterfall falling on to you and clearing you of any negativity of energy, cleansing as it does so and only bringing positivity.


You will need a candle, paper, a pen or pencil and a bowl of water. Make sure your candle has a solid and safe base. Light the candle. Close your eyes and breathe in the calming energy. Breathe in deeply and slowly. Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. imagine roots or cords going from the bottom of your feet deep into the ground. These will ground you.


On the piece of paper write what is troubling you. Is it a habit? A behaviour? A situation? If it involves a person (perhaps an argument) then write the situation down and the name of the person. You are clearing the situation NOT the person. If you have a person you are finding challenging, then write down their name and add ‘Please remove them if they are not for my higher purpose or if I am not for their higher purpose’. You never know why someone is in your life. You should not ask lunar energy to remove someone from your life. They may be in your life for you to learn off them or for them to learn off you.


Whilst we are releasing something that we wish to be gone we must focus on what we do want. So, visualise the opposite of what you are letting go of. If you want anger gone then visualise you being calm. If you are releasing poor diet choices visualise yourself eating nutritionally beneficial food. If you are getting rid of an argument visualise you and the other person talking calmly or laughing. Focus on the outcome you want.

Set Light To It

Read what you have written out loud. Then set light to the corner of the paper. Release all the negativity towards the situation, habit, behaviour and let it all go. Once it has started burning drop it in the bowl for safety purposes.


Breathe in slowly and deeply. And slowly bring yourself back into the room. Smile and wait for the lunar energy to begin itswork.


Poor diet, Arguments, Anger, Frustration, Debt, Unhappiness, Addiction, Low self esteem, Unemployment, Fears, Self-limiting beliefs


You can carry out this ritual every full moon. You can choose a different topic each time. You can choose the same topic. Many people use this ritual each full moon. It is part of their spiritual practice.

Once you get comfortable with this ritual why not try developing your own or vary this one. It is all about your intent.

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