Full Moon Spell

Full Moon Spell

Life becomes very tiring when you are suffering ill health. Facing each day knowing it will be filled with pain, fatigue, helplessness and dread can be very challenging. 

When you are unwell your spiritual, emotional, physical and mental health work against your immune system when it is out of balance. A strong, robust and healthy immune system is essential if you are to fight off infection, disease, physical illness and mental illness. With a poor immune system you are more prone to picking up infections, contacting diseases and worsening of allergies.

It is bad enough suffering ill health yourself but can be much worse watching and worrying over a sick loved one.

Conventional medicine and alternative therapies sometimes need help from the Universe in the form of distant healing via a Magic Spell. 

Any Spell for healing using protective Magic will produce Aura cleansing. A clear, bright and glowing Aura is essential to deflect any negative energies and acts like a protective shield. This can boost and protect the immune system.

Place your hand over the person (over the part in need of healing, hand, neck, arm ect...)

Close your eyes and open your third eye. Imagine endless light emitting from your hand and into that person.

Feel your energy being transferred to their body.

If done right, you will first feel heat, then a surge of energy from that person. Your goal is to remove negative energy from the body. You must think of ONLY this while healing. You should feel a slight tickle as the energy enters your body. You can control the surges power using your mind to double task, while recycling the energy and controlling the flow.

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