Graces London

Graces London

Graces London’ was founded in 2016 in a small Islington studio by Shiona Redmond and partner Jason Grace. “Graces” the family surname is named so after the founders two young children. The Graces ethos is to provide luxury hempseed & CBD skincare products of the highest quality... fed up with chemical laden synthetic skin care products, Graces has spent years of research, sheer dedication and love to bring you the most natural and general wellness Hemp products on the market. After the legalisation of CBD in the UK in 2014, Shiona & Jason got to work to establish a high concentrated cannabinoid skincare range.

“We wanted to promote general skin beauty, health and wellness. Extracts from the Cannabis Sativa plant are super green warrior molecules and having researched & studied Cannabis plants for years, we wanted to incorporate the CBD extract into our daily routine.” (Founder Shiona Redmond)

Graces London was not only set up in honour of their two girls Macey age 9 & Scarlet age 7. The company was founded in loving memory of Shiona’s late father Paul Redmond. Paul was terminally ill for many years suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and after a long battle devastatingly passed away in 2014. 

“After caring for him since I was a teenager and being his eyes, ears and voice… I was left thinking what do I do now?! The grief struck me hard and my health deteriorated to dire effects. A later Adenomyosis diagnosis (an endometriosis type disease), a bout of glandular fever and a hypertension thyroid disease, so many attacks on all systems of my body!”

“I had stupidly neglected everything I was taught, researched and obsessed over. From the rules of the psyche to the laws of nature! The mechanism of the human mind, body, soul and the healing attributes of mother earth with all its remedies and potions here on our wonderful planet! One of the finest things I ever explored, and I believe was my saving grace (no pun intended) was the wonderful harmony and synergy of essential oils and plant extracts. Especially CBD cannabinoid extracts from the grown Hemp/Cannabis plants”. (Founder Shiona Redmond)

CBD is one of over 113 compounds found in Cannabis/Hemp that belongs to a class of molecules called cannabinoids. THC is a very well know cannabinoid that is associated with the ‘high’ psychoactive part of the plant. CBD on the other hand is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid. CBD helps to evoke cannabinoid receptors found in various systems of the human body to help promote natural skin healing! Incredibly there are cannabinoid receptors found all over the skin cells of the human body. Cannabinoid receptors can also be found in the gut, reproductive organs, brain, and throughout the whole body. The vast network of cannabinoid receptors in the human body is called the endocannabinoid system. With the skin being the largest organ, applying CBD oil to the skin is an incredible way to ensure natural optimal skin health and general wellbeing.

“To have good skin is not just to have a good product…we believe to have good skin is a lifestyle choice a greener choice, an eco-friendly drum beat to a new era of beauty. It's not just skin its everything. The skin is the largest organ of the body and what we put on our skin can not only affect our skin but it can also impact and have dire effects on our health, lifestyle and wellbeing”. (Founder Shiona Redmond)