Grounding & Protection

Grounding  & Protection
When working with or being around energy and spirit it is important to ground yourself. Even being around ‘toxic’ people or situations can drain your energy. By grounding and protecting yourself you can improve your well being. Grounding links you to our planet. It keeps you connected to earth and keeps your energy attached. It is a simple but important practice. Please remember to do this before doing any kind of spiritual work. Here are some techniques you can utilise to ground yourself mentally, emotionally and spiritually:
Grounding Meditation
Sit or lay down.
Close your eyes.
Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose.
Breathe out through your mouth.
Spend a couple of minutes breathing in this way.
Imagine roots or cords (whichever you prefer) coming out of your feet and down into the earth.
These anchor you to the earth (grounding).
Now imagine light coming up the cords out of the earth.
Picture the light filling your body.
The light is a powerful positive light that dispels negativity and brings only good and positive energy.
Once your body is full the light keeps going and builds a cocoon of light around you.
The cocoon is a powerful shield to protect you.
When you are happy you are grounded and protected bring your awareness back into your body.
Slowly wiggle your fingers and toes.
When you are fully in your body open your eyes.
Stay still for a minute or two.
Get up when you are ready.
Nature Grounding
Go into your garden, a local park, a wood, somewhere in nature.
Ideally remove your footwear, depending on the weather conditions.
Place your feet on the earth or grass.
Close your eyes and breath slowly and deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Imagine a white light surrounding and filling your body.
That white light extends down into the earth.
It flows down taking all your negativity.
Do this for a few minutes at least.

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