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Featured in the Guardian Newspaper â€‹Jayne Wallace is clairvoyant and practices aura reading, tarot and crystal healing. Her clients include Kim Kardashian West, Kylie Jenner and Kate Hudson. She has worked as a psychic for 35 years and heads the agency Psychic Sisters; she has a waiting list and travels internationally with clients. This year, she says, people have exposed more emotion and anxiety in their readings than at any other point in the past three decades.

Every crystal has a different voice. Blue stones are linked with communication; purple with stress and anxiety, yellow is money and turquoise represents protection. The darker, deeper the colour, the stronger the voice.

As I link in to the first quarter of 2021, the biggest question people have is health. I’m drawn to tiger’s eye (a brown stone showing the need for grounding), rose quartz (pinks speak to matters of the heart, and the emotional impact of the virus) and green aventurine, which tells me that those first months are going to be stressful in terms of mental health. Make sure you have people around you who you love.


March through to June is about division in health, as well as realisation – understanding and accepting why some have suffered worse. Something about the quarter is showing overcaution, which feels intense, not always good. Heading into the third quarter there’ll be a new lockdown of some sort, a “slap” we will need to listen to.

Moving to the economy, I get green aventurine with dark, brown stones (tiger’s eye and black obsidian) and I’m coming to a divide. One side feels intense and will become successful: they will innovate, adapt, grow; the other side will decline. Mindset will be important. People must be focused.

Politics is also about darker brown stones. For the first four to five months, there will be weak structure. Reaction to politicians will remain divided. Around April-May, I see the same government but with fresh blood.

Autumn is a time where we will start to adapt and, as I link into the final quarter of the year, I’m getting clarity, clear quartz, light pastel stones, a time that will feel much lighter.

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