How to translate messages from loved ones through major tarot

How to translate messages from loved ones through major tarot

This is a practice that you would do once you are attuned to your ancestors energy. You can achieve this by having a photo close by of your lost loved one or simply imagining them and if possible their smell. Envision both of your energy going into the cards as you shuffle, making sure you keep the intention on guidance, help or advice for you.

The Fool - You have everything you need to achieve, take the risk and it will be worthwhile: I promise.

The Magician - Prioritise what you can control. Anything you can't control, let it go because your thoughts are all over the place. 

The High Priestess - Work on your own mental development, understand the importance of a strong mind. Psychically you are fine.

The Empress - Help and guide your friends and family now as they need you. You will be very helpful. 

The Emperor - Everyone is focused on your leadership now. Show your true worth. Do not miss this opportunity to shine. 

The Hierophant - Listen to the wisdom elders are offering to you. They are wiser than you and have more knowledge to share.

The Lovers - Discard anything that doesn't fill your heart with love and joy. Make your life a loving and enjoyable experience, filled with people you love and who love you back.

The Chariot - Make your move now as your opportunity may never come again. Time is of they essence and you may miss the new chapter you wanted to start

The Hermit - It's better to be happy, alone and free then to be made measureable by others and their desires..

The Wheel of Fortune - Your good deeds have not gone up noticed and are bringing good fortune to you. Don't lose hope now as opportunities are coming to you - focus on the positives

Justice - People always get what they deserve in the end.

The Hanged Man - Letting go of cash, time and energy to help others will bring profit during the next chapter of your life. Your sacrifices will be rewarded

Death - When one door closes another opens. Stay true to your character as if you ignore yourself you will become a lesser person. Decisions may cost friendships but the cost is worthy

Temperance - You need a heaven to retreat to when the world gets ugly, find your safe space. Find a spot where you can be calm and still.

The Devil - Grab every opportunity to fulfil your heart and dreams. Human nature is a divine and powerful force, do not let others inflict their feelings and desires on you.

The Tower - Rejoice in the opportunity of growth that is to come. You are always planting new seeds : whether you intend to or not.

The Star - Don't give up hope, even the most distressing of situations have a positive spin.

The Moon - If you spend too much time seeking answers you may lose your opportunity to make your choice. Trust your intuition in these scant details.

The Sun - Success in the future

Judgement - Just because the decision was made quickly, does not make it a bad decision. Important decisions involve swift conclusions.

The World - There is lots of travel and change to come.