January Astro Tarot

January Astro Tarot

Two of Wands This two highlights romance and partnerships. So you may meet a new partner or hook up with another like-minded soul to pursue new projects in or out of the workplace. This meeting of minds will bring you rewards as you broaden your horizons and see just what you could achieve. In education, you find the right course or teacher to inspire you to hone your skills or nurture your interests.
Advice: Look for those around you who share your vision. Work together for great results.

Ace of Wands A new opportunity in your work place will offer you more potential, bringing you more satisfaction making you feel more settled. You will also have a chance to be more creative, as you are given more freedom. As the month moves forward you will get a brilliant surprise from someone special. It will boost you in more ways than you will know how to enjoy.
Advice: Think carefully about any opportunities that come your way. You will make the correct decision.

Queen of Cups The Queen of Cups is the Queen of Hearts - her world turns on emotion, relationships and giving. As an individual, she is compassionate, generous and protective towards you, and often represents the ideal friend, family member or partner. As a situation, she asks you to express and honour these aspects of yourself; listening and acknowledging others’ feelings and, in your projects, going inward, delving into your imagination and soul to problem-solve and find innovative ways forward. You will be connected to your angels this month. So look for signs.
Advice: When angel feathers are near your loved ones will appear.

Three of Cups The month ahead will bring joy and happy times as friends and family reconnect. There’s a vivacious, energetic vibe around you as you celebrate at weddings, parties and other get-togethers; if single, your joie de vivre attracts other people to you, and you’ll enjoy feeling popular and charismatic. As life is sensual and abundant under the influence of these Three Cups, you might over-indulge in all things sweet.
Advice: Take time to enjoy your friendships, let your worries go and focus on the year ahead

Four of Wands When you’ve achieved a goal - such as finding a new home, completing a project, or passing a test - it’s time for rewards. holidays, socialising, love and trips away all feature in this happy Four, which brings you leisure, fun, and freedom. It’s also time to get back in touch with your inner child and celebrate the joy of life. As you find contentment within, you’ll also sense the closeness of your spirit guides. An additional meaning is reflecting on happy memories.
Advice: Be carefree while you can, and replenish your mind, body and soul - you deserve it.

Two of Swords You are at a crossroads, and there is a decision to be made. The two sharks signify tension and indecision; locked in conflict, neither can win, as their power appears to be equal. This situation may or may not be of your own making; your perspective is blocked, or there's an obvious clue that you are not seeing.
Advice: Look again; take a fresh angle. Any action or decision is better than none. This is a great opportunity for a breakthrough in your thinking.

Queen of Pentacles This affectionate, generous woman is the wise helper we all want in our lives. A lover of nature, home, and her family, she is practical and down to earth. As the ‘you’ card in a reading, this Queen shows you focus on key tasks now, and spend your money wisely. An additional meaning is an influential woman at work who supports your career.
Advice: Be hands-on; get involved, give practical help, and share your knowledge with those who need it.

Six of Swords It's time to glide into more peaceful, calm waters. So this is a reassuring card if you have suffered upheaval, conflict, or uncertainty recently. The Six also predicts physical journeys over water and, in general, sees you moving on in positive ways; new work may also be on the horizon. An additional meaning is protection, in that you prioritize what’s important to you, and leave behind the people or situations that no longer serve you.
Advice: Go with the flow of life; there's no need to resist change.

Knight of Wands There’s no more waiting around when this Knight arrives, as every aspect of your life receives a sudden energy-boost: expect a download of emails, messages, calls, decisions, offers, and opportunities. You can now make progress professionally, at home, and in relationships. Personal projects benefit from this dynamic influence, too. An additional meaning of the card is travel, and moving house - you’ll find you are now able to move quickly.
Advice: Choose which people, situations, or projects will benefit most from your efforts and attention. Stay grounded, and you’ll make great steps towards success.

Four of Cups 2017 will bring you opportunities, that are on the horizon, but don't allow yourself to feel indifferent, flat, or emotionally withdrawn. It’s time to move ahead in work and relationships, but you’re waiting for something to happen - and your current dissatisfaction makes you reluctant to make positive decisions or take action. Boredom may be sapping your energy and blocking your motivation.  This Four invites you to accept your current situation rather than resist it - then you’ll get to see what needs to change.
Advice: January brings you balance and harmony. So allow yourself time to find yourself 

The World The World shows that your life is regenerated and renewed as you finally find the success you seek and celebrate your achievement. You may also receive a particular reward for your efforts. The card also shows the completion of a phase, such as meeting a target or goal, or finalising a house move or other major project. The World often comes up in readings to signify a relationship landmark, such as a wedding anniversary or renewing vows. There are opportunities to travel now and, if you are single, have romantic adventures, too.
Advice: Celebrate what you have achieved and embrace new opportunities; you will be full of energy and motivation. The world is your oyster.

Page of Swords Be aware that you may have someone close that is spreading gossip or slander against you; although this Page often appears witty and charming, s/he thrives on attention, and is self-interested and underhand. The card can also show a legal matter, a complaint at work, or the need to sign a contract or other documents.
Advice: Be precise in all your verbal and written communication so that you can’t be misunderstood.