January Journal

January Journal

I'm going to help you kick start this new years chapter of your life by helping you fill your journal with excellent answers to help you grow spiritually as well as successfully. By answering these questions honetly, it will help you to monitor patterns in you emotions and physical behavious, your dreams and wishes and how you are creating steps to fulfill them. By being thankful for what you have and apprectiating the litttle things in life. 

1. Which foods would you say describe your personality?

2. What's something you'd do if you wasn't affraid?

3. What is your best trait?

4. Lift 5 things you are greatful for.

6. What is one thing you wouldn't change about your life?

7. Which drinks would you say decribe your personality?

8. What is your biggest regret in life?

9. What is something you learnt yesterday?

10. What is your favourite book and tv show, why is this your favourite?

11. If you could meet any God/Godess who would it be?

12. If you could travel to any country which country would it be?

13. What is your spirit animal?

14. What is your spirit flower? 

15. Write your most embarressing moment. 

16. How was your day?

17. What emotions did you feel today?

18. Write about your most resent happienst memory.

19. What is your 10 year plan? Where so you see yourself?

20. What is your view on sosciety today?

21. What 5 subjects could you talk consistently about? 

Have a great New Year and stay true to your wishes and dreams, stick to your morals as others will try to test you. Remember you are a beautiful perosn just the way you.