Jayne’s Corner

Jayne’s Corner

I feel that July is a month about connecting too your Chakras, so here is my favourite Meditation. 

Opening your Chakras relax in a comfortable position, closing your eyes, taking several deep breaths. Connect to your chakras and focus your mind on your mind, body and soul.

Crown Chakra: Visualise a bright light traveling from space down into your Crown Chakra (top of your head). Simply imagine this light shining and expanding on your Crown Chakra.

Third eye: Visualise a radiant purple bright light between your eyebrows. Simply imagine this light shining and expanding on your Third Eye Chakra.

Heart Chakra: Visualise a green bright light on your Heart. See this light filled with “good luck energy” growing and expanding until it illuminates your entire being.

Solar Plexus Chakra: Visualise a radiant golden light above your navel, imagine the light expanding and shining brightly on your solar plexus.

Root Chakra: visualising and feel the powerful vibrations on your hands. Feel it traveling through your whole body, your bones, your veins, your muscles, your mind, your heart, until the energy of courage sinks into your whole self.

Closing your Chakras  a waterfall of light bathing you; cleansing your body, mind and energy field. Afterwards, imagine a light around your Aura acting as a protective shield.

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