Jayne's Tip Intuition

Jayne's Tip Intuition

To me, the most important thing is to learn to test your intuition. As I always say 'your gut will never let you down'. I first realised this from a very young age, when my mum always reminded me 'think with your gut not your brain'. To this day she is correct. Whenever I do something with my mind and my intuition tells me 'No' I am sure to make the wrong choice. So lesson 1 is Trust. 

It sounds simple, but for me it was developed over time by allowing myself to evolve and move forward. Instead of wallowing in self-doubt. I remember so many instances in my life when I quashed my gut's opinion and did what I thought I was 'supposed to do', instead of what I knew in my gut was right.Most often, my choices didn't net the best results and then I'd waste even more time fretting over why I had made that stupid decision in the first place. Trust in the gut — it knows best! 

Believe in Yourself

Negative thoughts hinder psychic abilities. However long it takes. Just have faith and stay upbeat. You will meet your goals in time. Find inspiration whenever and wherever you can. Read stories about others who honed their psychic abilities. Keep learning ways to follow in their footsteps. Let go of any skepticism you have. Allow yourself to trust in your own natural power, as well as the power of the supernatural. Anything less than 100% effort is unacceptable. There is no room for doubt during your spiritual ventures.

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