Hello everyone 

June is bursting out all over. Summer holidays, bbqs and family get togethers. I love this time of year. Everything is in bloom. Trees are blossoming, grass is green and everything in the world is fresh and sparkly. Maybe it’s the sun, maybe a change in pace or perhaps the happy prospect of getting together with friends or family and watching the sun go down. I’m lucky enough to live outside the city with the countryside minutes away. One minute I’m strolling along pavement the next I’m hip deep in maze fields of golden yellow with nothing to see for miles, except a clear blue sky and green fields and yellow of course.

Somehow walking with the dog through those peaceful fields and woodlands clears my head. That is what I want to address this month ‘Clarity.’ WE ALL SEEK IT!! We search for it but running around in stress filled circles only seems to make us panic more. I used to cling to my bed until the very last second not wanting to get up. Now a bright beautiful promise filled day has me rushing out the door. I head for those beautiful fields. Watching the dog this morning as he ambled back and forth, zigzagging his way from one exciting smell to another. His tail was wagging so happily. It made me think sometimes the simplest of things such as allowing ourselves time to take in all that’s around us can make a huge impact. I watched as he chased butterflies and rolled in the fresh green dewy grass He was in complete bliss. It made me realise we all need time to think, to breathe! We need to take stock and enjoy the journey.

So next time you’re rushing around consider getting up a little earlier and taking time to enjoy what you normally consider a chore. See if it makes a difference to the day. Ttreat yourself to an ice cream and walk somewhere pretty. Or sit and enjoy watching the world go by.

Love as always