Love by Tess

Love by Tess

Here’s my gift of love to you

​Look in the mirror

​Look in your eyes

​Let go of judgement

​Say “I Love You”

This little exercise is simple in the extreme but for some, it may almost seem an impossibility to say those three little words to yourself. Here you need to Trust and even if at first you do not believe it, do it anyway. Morning and Night. (Fake it to make it)! Before long you will find yourself looking at who you really are and begin to see YOU in a different light, kinder and with less judgement. That little spark of self-love will gradually start to grow and with it a more positive outlook.

2017 is all about letting go of all that is no longer serving us, allowing ourselves to flow and live in the NOW! It’s a very exciting time! 

With Lots of Love, as ever,

Tess xxx