Mad As A March Hare

Mad As A March Hare

Hello Everyone

March always reminds me of Mother’s Day. It will be odd this year without my mum but i will try my best to stay positive and enjoy being one myself, A lovely month to appreciate whomever brought you into the world. Be it with a beautiful gift, a thoughtful cup of tea in bed or some freshly picked flowers.

It also brings to mind spring time and daffodils nodding their ancient golden heads, I don’t know why I feel that way but they herald the start of a fresh new season. They look to me like sage old philosophers spreading their wisdom throughout the floral society. It also reminds me of that time old saying “Mad as a march hare” You’re all probably thinking I am after the floral statement. Ha ha! Apparently it's an English idiomatic phrase derived from the antics and behaviours of hares, rabbits and other long eared woodland critters around breeding season. In this case March.

I think March and I think Bambi. The beginning of the cycle of life. Woodlands and all rural areas beautified by new flowers budding, adding a colourful array to brighten our world. Spring lambs, ducklings and fluffy yellow chicks. Reminding us that life goes on. Easter too on its way. Don’t even get me started about chocolate. So much to look forward to. That’s why I think March makes me so happy to be alive. No matter the wicked weather that winter threw our way life continues and new glorious life prevails.

Finally back to those bunnies. Hares are known to be amazingly wise and very spiritual creatures. They are thought to bring good luck to those around them. So think happy thoughts. Rejoice in the glory that is Springtime. All the while imagining the melodic song “What a Wonderful World.“ Make someone you love happy - including you!  You never know, if we all smiled a bit more we could start an epidemic.

Kind Regards