Dear Jayne i have your Oceanic deck I would love to know how do start to do a Tarot reading.

Many Thanks Lynda 

Dear Lynda thank you for your Q & A 

How to Begin a Reading

You can read the cards for yourself and others; if you’re a beginner, practice reading for yourself first, as this helps you connect with your deck and become familiar with the cards’ imagery. You don’t need to memorise the cards’ meanings before you begin; during a reading, go with your intuitive response to their colours, symbols and mood. When you’ve finished interpreting your cards, look up their meanings. Trust your first impressions of the cards, and you’ll soon begin to trust the intuitive process that is the foundation of a great tarot-reading.

Attuning your cards 

Find a quiet space, and take the entire deck and hold it between your palms or at your heart centre. Ask that the angels guide your reading, and ask that your cards will offer you the gentle insight you seek.

Shuffling in your question

Choose a spread, or arrangement of cards (see pages xx-xx) that is most suited to your question. If you are reading for another person, ask them to shuffle the cards and ask their question aloud or silently. 

Choosing your cards: two ways

1 Spread all the cards face down in a fan shape and choose the cards you’ll need for your spread. Use your left hand (whether you are right- or left-handed) as the left hand relates to the right brain, which connects you with your intuition. If you’re reading for someone else, ask them to hand you each card as they choose it, and begin to lay down their cards in a spread.

2 Cut the deck into three piles, again using your left hand, then choose a pile. Gather the remaining two piles of cards underneath the chosen pile, so your chosen pile is on the top. Then, deal the number of cards you need for your spread from the top of the pile. If you are reading for another person, ask them to point to the pile of cards they’ve chosen, then re-stack the deck for them and lay out their cards. 

Turning the cards 

Turn the cards face up, then begin your interpretation. If a card is upside down, turn it the right way up.

Ending the reading 

When you have finished reading, thank your angels for their guidance, then wrap your cards in fabric and place in a box or drawer until you are ready to read again.

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