Hi everyone 

Thank heaven for spring, can’t quite believe it’s March already or how quickly this year in particular seems to have flown by. I love this time of year not only because hopefully were saying goodbye to a lot of miserable weather that because with the spring and each new daffodil or Babybird we spot we are reminded that no matter our personal situations or challenges just as the seasons unfold life continues to move forward. I think of the phrase “mad as a March hare“and it always makes me smile Not only are hares considered very spiritual animals but the thought of our rabbits cousin going a little bit crazy at the thought of love ,joy the cycle of life making families finding a lifetime mate is incredibly up-lifting.
Every spring without fail I cleanse and re-energise all of my crystals making sure to put positive energy to see me through the glorious summer months hopefully filled with prosperity and joy. I also try and make sure that I rehome one of my favourite crystals to someone who really needs their healing energy, and then of course I have the upmost pleasure in choosing a new one to replace it you have to pay it forward after all ! 
So just like those mad march hairs I’m going to find joy in every day starting with my crystal wand for applying face cream, my beautiful Amethyst make up brushes to also make an effort with appearance and try to always look my best just because and a spring ! ( excuse the pun ) in my step to remind me there is beauty all around us we just need to remember to look.
Love as always sheila xx

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