May by Sheila

May by Sheila

Hello everyone 

May has come around again and I’m super excited about our new Crystal-Charged Water Bottles. The original version are still available in store but the new bottles have a whole complete Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz or Smokey Quartz inside. They are stunning and will be ready to sell soon. So come in and check them out. We’ve lots of new stock including Jayne’s new crystal inspired Tarot deck.

Spring is truly here and with that new hope looms for new beginnings. This month to me heralds the biggest changes, as everything around us is in full bloom. Lambs, calves, chicks and ducklings have all burst into the world. I see images of poles festooned with jewel-bright coloured ribbons, Morris Dancers and Spring fetes. Also I see celebrations for the May Bank Holiday. I’m looking at it like more of an adventure now. I have come through some huge personal growth months. I’m now feeling brighter and more positive.

This summer is going to be fun-filled and relaxed. May has reminded me that no matter what personal challenges we have someone somewhere is skipping around a pole dancing with glee and celebrating. So I for one am using this month to look for any reason at all to get that metaphorical pole out and have a little skip of my own. I’m filling my house with colour-coordinated crystals to represent joy and calm in every room. So far all that enter have said they can feel that the energy has lifted. So have a look around your home now and see if there’s anywhere that could benefit from a little May crystal magic.

Love as always