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Naomi's Kitchen

Eating foods that are grown in the earth can help to bring you back to stabler ground and rebalance the root chakra.  Root vegetables are a good example of grounding foods including beets, potatoes, carrots, ginger, turnips and parsnips. These are just an example of a few of the many options.  Enjoy your root veggies roasted with a little olive oil and salt as a delicious meal or juice some carrots and ginger for a refreshing rebalancing drink.

Protein such as red meat is also very grounding as are eating red foods such as apples, pomegranates, strawberries and tomatoes.

Try this super simple recipe for an easy way to enjoy a delicious rooting red rebalancing smoothie

Grounding Base Chakra Smoothie 

1 cup coconut water

1 cup of frozen berries 

1/2 small cooked beetroot - peeled

1 cup of watermelon flesh

1 cm of ginger - peeled 

Add all the ingredients to a high speed blender and blend until smooth.