Nav's Crystal Corner

Nav's Crystal Corner

With the festive season fast-approaching, there couldn’t be a better time to nurture the love and harmony between you and your loved ones. Try these crystal tips to keep your family gatherings loving and stress-free this month...

Communication: Blue Lace Agate

This beautiful crystal is thought to naturally improve the communication between you and your loved ones, and will prevent any silly arguments or misunderstandings between you and those around you. Simply place one in your living room, or keep one with you, to create a happy and harmonious atmosphere in your home.

Deepening bonds: Rose Quartz 

Known as a stone of unconditional love, this beautiful crystal is thought to naturally heal and strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones. Simply hold one by your heart, or place one beside a photo of you and the people you love, to deepen the love and connection between you. Alternatively, show someone you miss how much they mean to you by sending them a Rose Quartz as a gift.

Healing: Rhodonite

Heal any tension between you and your loved ones by placing a Rhodonite crystal by a photo of you together, or keeping one under your pillow. The crystal’s thought to gently heal any resentment or bubbling tension between you, and will help you leave the past behind you. You could also try wearing a Rhodonite bracelet, or simply holding one by your heart each night.